The Thrill of Fishing With Topwater Lures

It was a archetypal summer afternoon in Georgia, hot and humid. I had taken one of my buddies fishing at one of my coveted honey holes, a acreage pond in my hometown of Moreland breadth I had fished aback I was a kid. My acquaintance was from the northwest and was just in boondocks for the week, and I advised appearance him a acceptable day of southern bass fishing. Unfortunately the angle were not cooperating. We had bootless to accomplish a individual bolt at all that day. Just if we were about to accord up all hopes of a angle fry that night, I absitively to tie on a Zara-Spook and accomplish a endure effort. I casting it out abreast a blubbery edger bed abutting to the centermost of the lake. Afterwards a few twitches the baptize about the allurement exploded like a abyss allegation as it was engulfed by a six-pound large-mouth. Afterwards I had anchored my cost on a axle I absitively to try my luck afresh abreast the aforementioned spot. Much to the abruptness of both my associate and myself there was a echo achievement by a angle that could accept anesthetized as the others twin. Guess we were accepting a angle fry afterwards all!

On the aforementioned pond a year beforehand I had bent two angle at already on a Bagley Chug-O-Lure, one on the foreground acute angle and one on the back. They weren’t bays admeasurement by any means, maybe a batter each, but memorable nonetheless. And I apprehend that absorption aback on all the big and memorable angle that I’ve caught, the alone ones that I can anamnesis the exact data of the bolt are the ones I’ve bent on topwater lures. There’s annihilation like seeing a angle backfire from the base to advance a apparent lure, or watching as a huge brazier aperture sticks his arch out of the baptize as he sucks your allurement into his mouth. There’s just something about not alone activity but aswell seeing this accident as it happens. And over the years I anticipate this is why the topwater lures in my box accept become my admired for fishing in just about any condition. Some of my admired lures and techniques are listed in this article.


The buzz-bait is a adequately new allurement architecture in that it’s alone been about for about the endure twenty years or so, but it is actual effective. I accept activate that some anglers still haven’t added this allurement to their armory or shy abroad from application it. I anticipate that’s usually because they either haven’t accustomed it a adventitious or haven’t taken the time to apprentice how to appropriately angle it. This is one of the a lot of able lures I’ve activate and is aswell an accomplished angle locator, as you can awning a ample breadth due to its accelerated of retrieve and continued casting distances.

Buzz-baits are accessible in a array of sizes and designs. Some accept 2 bladed propellers, some three, and some accept an added “cackling ” brand that clanks adjoin the ballista during retrieve. My claimed admired is a apparent two-blade ballista in a average admeasurement with a apparent white or Chartreuse skirt.

These lures are abnormally able in bank baptize abutting to the banks and about obstructions and vegetation, places breadth bass tend to besiege in the backward afternoon and aboriginal morning about they can aswell get the absorption of angle in added baptize and accompany them to the surface. The architecture of the allurement makes it adequately weed-less acceptance you to angle in areas you ability not be able to use added apparent lures. Sometimes I will agilely animation the brand off a log or added obstruction during the retrieve, as this seems to drive even adamant bass crazy, consistent in bent strikes.

For the alpha buzz-bait user it may yield you a brace of try’s to absolute your technique, but don’t be discouraged. The rewards of acquirements the able use of this allurement will be great. You’ll accept to activate your retrieve about as anon as it hits the baptize and accumulate it on the apparent of the water. To do this will crave a quick retrieve and you’ll accept to accumulate your rod tip high. As you get added acclimated to the allurement you’ll aswell apprentice to beacon it about obstructions by affective your rod tip from ancillary to side, this is advantageous in bouncing the brand off an obstruction as I discussed earlier.

Walking The Dog

The walking the dog address has been about for a continued time but it still works like a charm. I still use the aboriginal Zara-Spook for this adjustment but there are aswell a lot of added lures fabricated now of a agnate design. The admeasurement of this allurement seems to address to the ample angle but you’ll aswell still bolt affluence of abate ones.

To use this address with a Zara-Spook or agnate lure, you artlessly beat the rod tip to one ancillary on the retrieve, which will could could cause the allurement to jerk from ancillary to side. This motion seems to be one that absolutely attracts the fish, apparently because it resembles the accomplishments of a blood-soaked minnow.

Another advantage to the abounding admeasurement Spook blazon allurement is that you can casting it a country mile. But it’s aswell accessible in abate sizes depending on your alternative and fishing conditions.

Topwater Bastard Rig

This bastard rig artlessly consists of a bendable artificial bastard chic weed-less with no weight. You apparently wish to use ablaze spinning accouterment with this rig because of its lightweight, which makes it difficult to cast.

Any blazon bastard can be acclimated with this rig but some will float bigger than others. A lot of anglers use the ancient continued beeline bastard that doesn’t accept a coiled appendage as they activity a altered activity if fished in this way and tend to float well. The adjustment of retrieve is up to you, jerking motion, or beeline retrieve, slow, or fast. Agreement for yourself and acquisition what works in the accustomed situation.

Rigged appropriately this is one of the a lot of weed-less allurement configurations about authoritative it abundant for casting into abutting abashed pads and edger beds. It’s aswell abundant for abutting to bank fishing like about bulrush and added vegetation. Bass can’t assume to abide this rig, even choosy or breeding angle will bang at this allurement if you can get it abutting abundant to them. If bass are on bed I’ve activate this is sometimes the alone allurement they’ll pay absorption to. If you do atom a big bass on bed, or blind out in the shallows, don’t be abashed to casting this allurement in the aforementioned breadth added than already because sometimes it takes a few times to absolutely get their attention.


Poppers accept been about for a continued time aswell and appear in a lot of altered styles, but they’re all fundamentally the same. The capital affection is a biconcave aperture on the foreground of the allurement that catches baptize and causes the bustling sound. This is a adequately aboveboard allurement to use, you artlessly retrieve the allurement with a jerking motion that makes the allurement pop. I usually acquiesce the allurement to sit for a few abnormal afterwards it aboriginal hits the water. This allows time for any angle that may accept been briefly abashed by the casting to appear aback and investigate it. Sometimes you’ll even get strikes while the allurement is just sitting there. I usually try acceptance abundant time for the ripples acquired by the burst to clear.

The acceleration of retrieve is up to you and you may wish to alter it to see what works best on a accurate day. One old ambush I’ve acclimated is to abolish the rear acute angle and alter it with a bivouac of some kind, like a coiled appendage or minnow blazon jig absorbed with a abbreviate leader. The beyond noisier poppers are sometimes acceptable to use on a airy day if you’ll charge to could could cause a little added commotion to affected the waves.

In closing I achievement anybody can accept as abounding memorable adventures application topwater lures as I’ve had and abide to have. Try all these methods if you haven’t already and don’t be abashed to try new things and agreement with these techniques to accomplish them your own. I can’t delay to get aback on the basin myself and acquaintance the next memorable catch!